lunes, 15 de junio de 2009

General purpose

General purpose of language
teaching in basic education

The purpose of teaching language in basic
education is that students gain ownership of
diverse social practices of the language and
participate effectively in their life in and out of
school. For that purpose, it is essential that they
learn to use language to organise their thought
and discourse, to analyse and solve problems,
and to have access to different present and
past cultural expressions. In addition, it is
necessary that students acknowledge the role of
language in the construction of knowledge and
cultural values, and develop an analytical and
responsible attitude towards the problems of
the world.
Ownership of social practices of the language
is not achieved through simple practice and over
time. On the contrary, it demands a series of
individual and group experiences that involve
different ways of reading and interpreting texts,
of approaching writing and becoming involved
in oral exchanges and analysing them. School
must provide the conditions necessary for
students to participate in such experiences and
gradually achieve autonomy in their intellectual
work. The responsibility of school is greater with
students who come from communities with less
schooling and/or lower levels of literacy.

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